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About Us / Over Ons

At FUN STUFF DESIGN™ we create modern and original children furniture.
Not only for the kids bedroom or teenager’s bedroom, but for every place
on earth where children live and play.

We all know that children do not see the world from an adult point of view:
a sofa is not an object to sit on…it is more fun to jump on it!
And…we all know that children love bright colors and are
very sensible, they love soft comfortable materials...
Most of all we think it is important that our designs tribute to
creating a place where children feel safe, can use their imagination
and the designs are part of their play…

FUN STUFF DESIGN™ designs a lot more hip and multifunctional
furniture objects for children. We deliver our own Fun Stuff Collection,
but we also design and produce exclusive furniture lines or articles
for companies or labels.

Besides that we decorate and refurnish children’s rooms and bedrooms.
Do you have special wishes or like to get some advice?
Please contact us.

All our designs and productlines are exclusively made in the Netherlands.

Designer and founder of Fun Stuff Design:
Rosalinde Overvliet

Curriculum Vitae:
1991 – 1995 Gerrit Rietveld Academy - Amsterdam (NL)
Visual Arts en Design
Graduation Projects: Play Environment and Soft Sculpture
1997 – 2000 University of Amsterdam – Communication and Marketing